Our Mission

Talented Remote Workers: Talent Outreach is founded by people who have run successfully businesses. As a result we understand what businesses struggle with the most – budgets vs talents. While the two resources are seemingly conflicting, they can be simultaneously achieved by exploring overseas markets. We are here to help businesses understand how successful ventures have leveraged overseas resource markets and how to navigate through the regulatory and cultural differences.

Why Talent Outreach

Accelerate your business

Talented Remote Workers: Save on labour expenses and spend the budget on generating revenue or R&D

Flexibility attracts top talent

Attract top global talents in this ever-increasingly competitive landscape by offering teleworking opportunities

Trusted partners

We have spent extensive time performing rigorous research for the right overseas partners – so you don’t have to

Legal & compliant

Hire overseas staff in a legal and compliant way


Leave all the payroll, tax, super and insurance of your overseas staff to our trusted partner

Engaged permanent staff

Hire aligned and loyal employees by engaging on a permanent basis

How It Works

  • Step 1 Contact

    Contact us with your needs

  • Step 2 Screen

    We source, screen, interview and match candidates

  • Step 3 Present

    We present screened candidates and you conduct interviews

  • Step 4 Offer

    You make offers and our partners set up payroll

  • Step 5 Transition

    Candidates notify current employers of resignation

  • Step 6 Onboard

    Onboard candidates and establish communication

  • Step 7 Feedback

    We will gather feedback from you and your candidates throughout the employment to provide ongoing support

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