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Talent Outreach (ABN 60 904 970 980) is a recruiting service provider with the aim to help small medium businesses to grow smartly through the efficient and legal adoption of overseas professionals. The idea was formed as the founding team observed a lack of knowledge and confidence from the business owners on offshore hiring. There was often misinformation about the process, and most of time simply a lack of exposure to the concept. In particular, there was a common belief that offshore hiring only benefits big corporates. The founding team wanted to change that, especially when they have personally seen and experienced the benefit of recruiting overseas professionals, if done properly. So they decided to gather their experiences in offshore hiring, entrepreneurship /start-up, consultation and private equity, and put on their business owner hat, and venture on a journey to help small medium businesses find their next offshore talent.

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Talent Outreach

Talent Outreach Founder - Andy Wu

Andy has spent his early career working in the Capital Markets for the one of the largest super funds in Australia, where his work and knowledge were deeply appreciated and widely recognised. Just when things seem to be laid out for him, he made a decision that changed his life. He founded his first start-up business called mPort, a technology service company that uses its proprietary scanning technology to help people finding our their body measurements and provides utilities for these measurements. The start-up business today has scanned over 300,000 people and can be found over 40 locations nationwide in Australia. That entrepreneurship experience opened his world to businesses and led him down a completely different career path. He then went on to work at Private Equity, and advising other businesses, working off a strong desire and passion to learn more about small medium businesses and helping them grow. It is with this same passion that he founded Talent Outreach and Recruit Hall, so that he could continue working with different exciting businesses and help them grow.

Andy is outgoing and enjoys talking to people. This personality was much attributed to his background, which was significantly influenced by the Taiwanese, New Zealand and Australian cultures. Having experienced many cultures has helped him build strong appreciation for differences in people and his passion in entrepreneurship.  He is also energetic, positive and fun and uses his time nowadays between family, basketball, friends and businesses.

Talent Outreach

Advisor - Jade Li

Jade is an HR and Learning & Organisational Development Specialist and a multiple HR award winner with abundant of experience with some of the most successful Australian companies. She spent her earlier days managing the HR and recruiting functions of Atlassian, a successful Australian start-up now worth USD26.6b. She was the initiator and executor for several of Atlassian’s innovative HR programs, including but not limited to their HackHouse, international HR Operations in US, Amsterdam, UK and Japan, as well as their L&D portal.  Such initiatives and capability was strong recognised by the industry with Jade wining several awards during her role. Her success at Atlassian led her to become the HR Business Partner at BigCommerce, another successful Australian start-up that is preparing to IPO. Throughout her career, she has persistently displayed a strong passion to help small medium businesses become thriving success stories through it’s people and culture.

Talent Outreach