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Cash is King

Cash is King: The importance of cash in today’s society arises from its absolute storage of an indisputable amount of wealth and the ability to immediately transfer of that wealth in a failproof way during transactions. Its significance has been captured in the saying – “cash is king” – an old saying that has also […]

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What it means to hire from different countries

What it means to hire from different countries: I remember having a conversation with friends working around the world about the best country to work in. It was quite a directionless discussion, slightly pointless, occasionally heated, and mostly intoxicated and derailed off the topic. While it was very hard to get consensus on the “best”, […]

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How to engage your remote workers

Many employers have avoided hiring remote workers from overseas fearing the difficulties in engaging their remote staff. However, difficulties in engaging remote staff should not be the reasons to dismiss considerations for hiring overseas remote staff. Rather, the difficulties should be thought as inevitable challenges on the road to success. The talent market today is […]

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Interview Transcript with Client A

Interview Transcript with Client: Talent Outreach: Hi, thank you for spending your time to share with us your experience with offshore hiring Client A: My pleasure, not a problem at all. Talent Outreach: So please tell us what inspired you in offshore hiring? Client A: I think most diligent businesses, especially start-ups are constantly in […]

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How much should I offer my overseas remote staff?

How much should I offer my overseas remote staff?: One of the most challenging things I have experienced with offshore hiring is how much to offer the candidate. On the one hand, you want to offer an attractive package to attract talent and retain their commitment over time. On the other hand, you don’t want […]