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There are many complications in hiring remote staff, such as: not knowing where to look, unfamiliarity with foreign experiences and education, mixed quality of candidates, applicable labour laws and legislations, cultural differences and other administrative burdens. Talent Outreach is established to handle all these for you as your trusted partner in overseas remote hiring.

We hire your candidate as we would for ourselves, because success of your business is success of our business. This means we will apply the best practice, and put in as much diligence, attention to details and care as we could. 

Any telework that can be performed remotely through the internet and cloud-based services, including accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, market research, administration, support, lead generation, digital marketing, content creation, IT, testing, design, etc.

We love Australia and its people and that’s why we all want to bring the best and affordable service and products to them. Sometimes, that means we need to seek help overseas, when your budget cannot afford someone onshore, or when you need to spend more money on R&D, inventory or marketing. All these will end up benefiting the Australian economy –  according to McKinsey Global Institute, every dollar spent on offshoring generates a return of 12-14% for the home country. 

Your overseas staff are part of your team, which means you should treat them like onshore staff: onboard them thoroughly, treat them with respect, motivate them, incentivise them, mentor them, care for them and maintain transparent and regular communication. Technology advancement to-date means all these can be easily achieved, utilising tools that allow intra-company chats, visual and audio conversations, documentation sharing and live cloud-based collaboration, etc.

This will depend on the negotiation and agreement between you and your staff.

Sourcing your talents from overseas has many benefits. Firstly, you may find people with specialised skills overseas that may otherwise be at a shortage in Australia. Allowing them to have the flexibility of working from home makes your offer highly competitive against other opportunities they may also have. It will also save you any relocation costs. Secondly, you may find that you can afford more overseas than you are able to in Australia, and through this way, help your business grow. 

Our trusted employer of record partners will manage the payroll, tax, superannuation and benefits of your overseas staff, so you only need to pay the recurring all-inclusive fee to our partners and all the hassles are taken care of.

Your concern for staff not working should equally apply to both onshore and offshore staff. Therefore, you can mitigate it the same way as you would for onshore staff: proper motivation and incentivisation, strong rapport and sense of belongingness, sensible KPI and regular feedback, consistent mentoring and support for growth. This will then reflect in their performance and quality of delivery.